Texas Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Over the last decade, the rising waters in Texas have surpassed records, and thanks to hurricanes and historic floods, new areas have witnessed floodwaters in new areas. In order to thoroughly protect your property in the state of Texas, the best course of action is to supplement your home or commercial insurance policy with flood insurance from Wilker Insurance Agency.

All Property Structures

Any structures that you have listed on your home or commercial insurance policy will be covered in the event of a flood. Because the waters rush in and have nowhere to go, for the time being, they start with the foundation and rise up through the structure. This means that the entire foundation in a home has to be repaired in most cases. Attempting to fund these repairs without insurance can be financially draining, as this is one of the costliest renovations in a restoration project.

Personal Property

Not only does the structure suffer damage from the rushing waters, but so does the property you have within these structures. Everything from appliances, equipment, furniture, clothing, or products in a business will be damaged and need to be replaced. Fortunately, flood insurance offers assistance to replace these lost items during the flooding waters. Without flood insurance, replacing these items could take much longer due to financial strain.

Temporary Relocation Coverage

If your home is damaged due to a flood and needs repairs prior to you and your family returning, you can use your flood insurance to assist you with costs for temporary relocation. Whether you have to rent a hotel room for a few nights or rent a residence for a month or two, you can get financial assistance with your flood insurance policy.

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