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RV Insurance

RV Insurance

There are so many beautiful places for you to visit throughout Texas. Owning an RV can be an easy way to visit the locales and stay in the heart of the action. Ensuring you have financial coverage of your investment is important and our agents at Wilker Insurance Agency can talk to you about RV insurance and how it can help.

Is RV insurance a requirement?

It’s important to understand what is and isn’t required by the state of Texas. If your RV has an engine, such as a Class A motorhome, you will need to complete a vehicle registration. Any vehicle that is registered will also need to be compliant with insurance requirements.

Any insurance requirements of your RV would come from a lienholder if you’re still making payments. If you own your RV outright, you wouldn’t be required to have insurance, though it’s still a good idea for financial protection.

The Benefits of RV Insurance

When you have an RV policy, it can provide you with the protection needed against all sorts of scenarios. Whether you’re on the road or in an RV park, anything can happen at any time. With the right policy, you can be protected against such scenarios as:

  • Accidents on the road
  • Damages while parked
  • Injuries of those inside the RV
  • Property damage caused by the RV
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

With the help of independent insurance agents, we can help to build a comprehensive policy for you. We will take into consideration the value of your RV, how often you use it, and more. It will make it easier for you to go on adventures without wondering about the various “what if” scenarios.

Call one of our agents at Wilker Insurance Agency today to learn more about shopping for RV insurance in Texas.

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